Money And Traffic Using Default Search Portal Homepage

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Money And Traffic Using Default Search Portal Homepage

05/07/2022 12:00 AM by Admin in Whitehat

Method Type:
White Hat

Revenue Source:
PPC, Affiliates, Other

The Concept:
Create a Google Search website, add code to prompt users to set page as default homepage. Inexperienced users will click OK and everyday, they will search the Internet through your Google Search.

Average Reported Income:
Depends on Traffic.

The Method:
There are still many inexperienced Internet users on the web who do not set their default homepage or change it back after it has been changed. To take advantage of this, you can provide the user the option to change it. Many will not, but a few inexperienced users will click OK without reading the message. What better way to make money than to send them to your own Google Search website.

First, you want to buy a domain that has a nice ring to it. This method is all about Name Recognition, so that the inexperienced user will grow to like using your website as a search portal.

Get your Google Search code from your Adsense account and use that code to create the search field in your own Search Portal website. Use RSS feeds to keep the content on the homepage up-to-date and fresh. Sprinkle Adsense and affiliate ads throughout the website.

Add the javascript code that will prompt each visitor to change their homepage: 



Go buy traffic to your Search Portal website and start making money from those who clicked OK to reset their homepage to your Search Portal website. The inexperienced users will click your ads and make you money.

Summary Overview:

1. Buy a domain and hosting.
2. Create a Search Portal website using Google Search code.
3. Use RSS Feeds to add updated sections.
4. Add some affiliate ads to the page.
5. Add javascript code to request homepage change.
6. Generate traffic.
7. Make a lotta money.

Final Word:
The nice thing about this technique is that the user may get used to your Search Portal as a starting homepage whenever they open their browser to surf the web. Once they become knowledgeable about how to change the homepage, they may have become so used to your Search Portal page, that they will always change it back.

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