Gain Thousands of Targeted Social Fans,Traffic and Leads

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Gain Thousands of Targeted Social Fans,Traffic and Leads

05/07/2022 12:00 AM by Admin in Social media

I wanted to share here a legit proven method I have used over and over to gain thousands of targeted social fans, traffic and leads launching giveaways without fail. If you launch them correctly it is the equivalent of throwing out some bait to catch a fish. And you will be pulling your line in with 3 fish on 1 hook.

I have launched almost 60 now for some popular Apps, and established businesses and they are all amazed. They like the results so much about half are launching them weekly now.

So first I will tell you what launching a giveaway can do for you: (Keep in mind these can be targeted giveaways or not) For example: Giveaway some Hockey tickets if you are a NHL Ticket Broker

  1. Social fans - Only those who like hockey will enter your giveaway, if they are your fan they have opp to see see each and every post you make.
  2. Increased Traffic - Traffic from their new social fans and all the buzz will come in handy. Also about half clients actually launch the giveaway on their sites which gives them the ability to check it out while entering the giveaway.
  3. Branding and Awareness - Everyone loves companies that give things out. Tells them you are more than likely popular and established. Launching a giveaway gives people awareness of your brand as well, great for discovery.

    Here are a few of the results achieved in just 2 weeks: (All usually are looking for certain things, some for solo ads, some for site registrations, some for social fans, and some for all. Keep in mind some of these are still active and receive most subscribers, fans in first 3 days)

    Client 1 results after launching giveaway: (Facebook Educational App - going after social fans and subscribers, didn't run a targeted, giving away a PS4)
    • Subscribers - Increased 1,200+
    • Facebook fans - Increased 1,900+
    • Twitter Followers - Increased 800+

Client 2 results after launching a 7 day giveaway: (This guy was skeptical at first before gaining my trust, before launching for his actual business he made a facebook page about recipes and gave away a blender. He told me he was going to sell solo ads)

  • Facebook fans - 500+
  • Subscribers - 300+
  • Twitter followers - 200+

Client 2 results after launching a 7-day giveaway for his actual business: (Wanted subscribers and facebook fans and Twitter Followers for his)

Subscribers - 2,000+
Facebook fans - 1,000+
Twitter Followers - 400+

Client 3 a ticket broker and startup - 4 day results: - (gave away pair of MLB tickets - SUPER TARGETED, just wanted subscribers facebook and twitter fans)

  • Subscribers to Aweber - 200+
  • Facebook Fans - 600+
  • Twitter Fans - 300+

Client 4 is a popular hydroponics store top 30K US Alexa gave away a grow box, 3 day results, was already running a giveaway, for 1 month just using his 10k subscribers)

  • Results - had 833 entries after hiring me increased to over 2,100 entries on morning of day 3. 160% increase or more

My results after 2 weeks - (My niche allows me to target giving away anything, I went after social, registration and backlinks and really used my giveaway to my advantage)

Subscribers to Newsletter - 400+
Registrations - 200+
Traffic - 2 weeks online ranked 90k in US
Facebook fans - 1,700+
Twitter Followers - 1,000+
Tweets - 200+
Pinterest Followers - 200+ (did not go after in beginning)
Backlinks - 4 actual banner placements
Sales - My ad revenue might not be more than $50 per month but its only been 2 weeks. I also have made a few sales selling my service from all the buzz.

How this works: You can simply add the ability for them to fan, subscribe or follow you in the giveaway entry form. The key to getting mass entries is promoting the giveaway. You want to put this in front of your targeted audience. Some people think just launching a giveway will make it go viral but it is a science to it.

This ain't nothing magic: The point is to make this convert to sales right? You cannot expect to make these results convert into sales if you don't have your stuff together. This can be great for startups and brand awareness. Have your stuff together and be competitive, have a great presentation and there should be no reason for you to not make these newly targeted leads and followers convert into sales.Also the bigger the prize, the more entries, but you mostly all these results can be achieved giving away a $25 gift card.

Closing: About half of these people start off as skeptics. The other half see the genius in this. Internet marketing is all about gaining exposure and winning your targeted audience over. This is one of the most genius ways to kickstart your business and gain targeted awareness. If it doesn't work you should examine your presentation and prices, product or service.

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