Amazon and Yahoo Answers Money Trick

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Amazon and Yahoo Answers Money Trick

05/07/2022 12:00 AM by Admin in Cash

1. Go to amazon and sign up to become an associate if you have not already

2. Go to yahoo and become a yahoo answers member.

3. Now once your all ready to go what we are going to do is search yahoo answers for people that are looking to buy something. Now in the search bar put "Where can I buy" or "I want to buy". You will be shocked at how many people ask where they can buy something.

. You'll now get a list of people asking where they can buy what they're looking for. But if you notice that there are many posts with many replies or the post is too old... we don't want people we want new unanswered posts so narrow the search to the right side by asking only unanswered questions and recent posts within past 2 hours. When you find an item, you want to search for it on Amazon. Now, 90% of the time, the item that person is searching for is on Amazon.

The next thing you need to do is reply to their message letting them know you've found what you're looking for with your aff link so you can get credit for the sale!

Now there is a trick you need to do to get link from Amazon to Yahoo Q&A because Amazon doesn't provide direct link to their product in html only.
Now, when you find the product (at this stage you must have a Twitter account), tweet the product on Twitter. Now that it has been tweeted, go to your main Twitter account and copy the link you posted there and paste it with your reply on the Yahoo Q&A.

The great thing about Twitter is that when you tweet an Amazon product, Twitter shortens the link to the Amazon product so you can post it on Yahoo Q&A!!

Now repeat this and you will see amazon cash soon! yes

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