Reverse Engineered 5 min Seo Content Trick

Optimización de motores de búsqueda

Reverse Engineered 5 min Seo Content Trick

05/05/2022 12:00 AM by Admin in Seo tricks


We are simply reverse engineering what Google Algorithm wants. Google is just a machine algorithm, getting advanced with each update. Without human interpretation, a machine reads your content and positions it while correlating with its existing and ever-growing intelligence. It heavily relies on text analysis and anchor text signals that it finds from crawling the internet.

So let's drop our interpretation and give Google what it thinks right as per its intelligence.

Let me search "carpet cleaning services" and GOOGLE ALGORITHM fetched these phrases from its huge database as the most important correlation with your search phrase.

[Image: CAVZyiE.jpg]

So I simply say .. YES SIR. You can't be wrong. Even the order of question as they appear must be some algorithmic calculation with decreasing order of correlation.

So i do 2 things here.

1. Pull all this content.

2. Anchor text these questions linking back to self URL. ( To let google know what my topic is about, and I am spot on according to its algorithm ).

You would find certain people talking about using this to research your niche. I use it for Tier 1 content directly.

All thanks to this lady and her website, we have a FREE tool. Please give her a big thumbs up.


Very simple steps, and she has elaborate details on the page above.
Still elaborating the steps with some extra suggestions for our purpose.

1. Install the Chrome extension on above page.

2. Click on the google sheet and make a copy. Do not download. Bookmark the google sheet link for easy navigation.

[Image: 3ST707Z.jpg]

3. Preferably use VPN to search from your target country. If you have a local site, preferably search from that city IP. Question vary according to location.

4. Scrape at least 150-200 questions if they stay relevant to your topic while scrolling down. This will be enough content for your mulitple Tier 1s.

5. Click the arrow to expand- preferably from bottom up. Scroll down to the bottom and again start expanding. Keep doing till you have enough questions expanded.

6. Then come to the top and right click on the first question. Select "Srape Simillar"

[Image: b5Rh1X3.jpg]

7. Correct the Xpath reference as per the screenshot and press enter. Ensure the expanded content is available on Text area. Click on Copy to Clipboard.

[Image: XpBfKJT.jpg]

8. Now open the google sheet which you copied to your drive - click on the bookmark and Click on the first column as shown in the screenshot. And Paste your content.

[Image: BCeWxgl.jpg]

10. Now the sheet would automatically fill the rest of the columns - separating the questions, answers, links in different columns. You have clean data in another tab as well.

[Image: OAVwfL6.jpg]

You can also search by keywords in "search by Keyword" tab while making content from specific niche keyword.

Now your content is ready for copy paste in under 5 minutes.

Select few random questions and answers and your content is ready to post.
Wherever you post, link back the questions to its own URL.

Google finds relevant content on your property, and the anchor texts are of course SPOT ON because algorithm said so.

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