Search Engine Optimization

top 5 Black Hat SEO Techniques

1. Hidden Content Top of our list of black hat SEO techniques is hidden content. Hidden content comes in many guises but the basic principle is that within the code for the site there will be content stuffed with keywords, this content will not be visible to the end user of the site. One way of doing this is by using comment tags. Comment tags look like this; <!– Comment Tag –> The real purpose of comment tags is for developers to add in useful reminders within their code explaining what...
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How to get your site banned permanently in less than 24 hours

1. Unrelated Keywords Do: Add irrelevant keywords to the copy for extra page hits.  Example: "Kanye West would use our Dyson vacuum cleaners if he owned cats." 2. Keyword Stacking and Keyword Stuffing Do: Repeat keywords to the extent that it reads like gibberish in a sentence or image alt text. Example: "Picture frames picture frames pictures pictures pictures." 3. Tiny Text, Hidden Text, and Hidden Links Do: Put illegible text at the bottom of the page, make the text the same color as the background, or format text or...
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