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Keyword Advisor Pro

05/31/2022 12:00 AM


ONLY $20


About Keyword Advisor Pro 

The Keyword Advisor Pro takes an innovative approach to generating massive lists of targeted keywords. By using the top 8 search engines to gather keyword suggestions you can find hundreds and thousands of hidden keywords that never show up in other software. The software delivers hundreds and thousands of hidden long , medium and short tail keywords all in seconds. 

How to use the Keyword Advisor Pro 

When you launch the software you will see the following form. The software allows you to search for keywords based on one or many seed keywords. 



Keyword Advisor Pro has been designed to be simple to use. Let us take a closer look at the main view menu items:   




As you can see the software requires you to enter seed keyword(s), this could be a product name, or keyword phrase such as “how to”, “where to”, etc. To add a keyword, enter the keyword in the Add keyword field, and click enter – the keyword will then be added to the Seed keywords list. You can search one or multiple seed keywords. When you are happy with your list of Seed keywords, click Find Keywords to begin the search. If needed you can clear the list of Seed keywords by clicking on the button Clear list To select which Keyword Suggestion Search Engines are used in a search click on Settings and you will see the following panel:  

More instructions are available  , when you purchase 

Keyword Advisor Pro for only $20