How to Rescue a domain from DomainsByProxy

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How to Rescue a domain from DomainsByProxy

05/07/2022 12:00 AM by Admin in Domains

If you have old GoDaddy domains with privacy by DomainsByProxy, chances are you've forgotten the details you used to register them and they won't let you into your account. I personally must have over 200 DBP accounts and I don't have the password to a single one of them. If you want to sell or transfer a domain, you gotta have that password or you'll need to verify your ID. So I had this old ISP email which I cancelled years ago, I didn't have the password and I had several good domain names with DBP....they refused my identification I sent them(non-USA).

In such cases, DPB will hijack your domain and decide not to accept your ID/Passport when you send it for verification. The process is famously annoying and even ethically questionable, as Godaddy is in the premium domain business, the domains abandoned at DBP will at some point be resold by GD..... So they make it practically impossible to rescue a domain out of DBP if you've lost the password or the email on file has been lost.

Here's what I do to get domains out of DBP:
1 - Create a new GoDaddy account with valid info, or at least make it look legit
2 - Transfer the domains you want to this new account. DomainsByProxy will be removed at this time.
3 - Transfer the domains back, without added privacy.

Since it's an internal transfer, GoDaddy transfers the data they have on file and ignores domainsbyproxy. You can't do this for an external transfer, but it works internally. Then you gotta wait 2 months and you can transfer the domains out of GD. Make sure the temporary account looks legit, or they may seize the domains during the transfer if you use fake data. The transfer back and forth is almost instantaneous within GD accounts, you can do this whole thing in 5 minutes.

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