Complete Seo Basic checklist to rank  websites

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Complete Seo Basic checklist to rank  websites

10/16/2022 12:00 AM by Admin in Seo lists

Complete Seo Basic checklist to rank  websites.

 SEO Basics:​

✔️ Set up GSC and Bing Webmaster Tools
✔️ Set up Google Analytics (GA)
✔️ Install and configure an SEO plugin (WordPress)
✔️ Generate and submit a sitemap to GSC and Bing
✔️ Create a Robots.txt
✔️ Check Webmaster Tools for any manual actions
✔️ Make sure the site is indexed
✔️ Keyword Research:
✔️ Identify the competitors
✔️ Find the main keywords
✔️ Find long-tail keyword variations
✔️ Create a keyword map
✔️ Analyze the page intent of ranked results
✔️ Make a list of questions being asked
✔️ Check the target keyword difficulty
✔️ Technical SEO​
✔️ Ensure the site is using HTTPS
✔️ Check for duplicate versions of the site
✔️ Check for crawl errors and fix them
✔️ Improve site speed
✔️ Check for broken internal and external links
✔️ Find and fix HTTP links on HTTPS pages
✔️ Use SEO-friendly URL structure
✔️ Add schema markup
✔️ Check the page depth
✔️ Check for redirects (301 and 302)
✔️ On-Site + Content SEO​
✔️ Check and fix duplicate or missing title tags
✔️ Check and fix duplicate or missing meta descriptions
✔️ Find and fix multiple H1 tags
✔️ Improve title tags, meta descriptions, and page content
✔️ Perform a content audit and prune low-performing content
✔️ Add alt tags to images
✔️ Improve internal linking
✔️ Check for keyword cannibalization
✔️ Update content to ensure it's still relevant
✔️ Off-Site SEO​
✔️ Audit competitor backlinks
✔️ Perform link intersect analysis
✔️ Find and reach out to unlinked mentions
✔️ Look for new link-building opportunities
✔️ Optimize Google My Business listing (GMB)

Hope this would help you in setting up your website too.

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