1 SEO Hack You Can Apply Today and Rank in 2 weeks!

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1 SEO Hack You Can Apply Today and Rank in 2 weeks!

05/08/2022 12:00 AM by Admin in Seo tricks

atoz.tools wants to give you  something really actionable that you can and should implement in your SEO campaigns and get some crazy results!

Alright, so let's get started.

By now you should already know the essentials you need to rank your website.

Basically, it comes down to -

1. Keyword Research - Targeting the right keywords with little to medium competition so you can get the fastest results possible.

2. Content Creation - Create pillar content ideally above 1000 words and make sure it's optimized for your target keywords.

3. Link building - Building quality backlinks from high DA relevant websites on an ongoing basis.

Yeah, I know I am making ranking in Google sound all too simple and it's not but .

So, assuming you did each of those perfectly. You now have a site that should have some nice rankings in Google. So what do you next? Create more content and build more links? Definitely, but you are leaving a HUGE piece of the pie ($$$) on the table. How?

Let me explain this in details so you understand exactly why and how to take advantage of this!

So, let's say you have 30 pages on your site but not every page is the same. Since you were focusing your link building on certain pages a lot more than others, some of your pages have a much higher page authority and should be ranking for a couple of hundred if not a couple of thousand keywords (see example in Step 2 below) if you know what you are doing.

Yeah, sure now that you rank on the first page for your chosen keywords you might think it's time to move on the next topic and focus on those initial steps that I mentioned earlier but it's not.

This is where this  SEO hack comes in. I will explain this with an example -

Let's say your site is about SEO and your target keyword is "Keyword Research" and you have this amazing super optimized 2500 word article on your site about keyword research and then built quality backlinks for 6 months straight and finally ranked it on the first page of Google. So you are all happy and you decided to move on to your next big keyword but what you don't realize you just created a monster! Your page is on Keyword Research is now one of the most powerful pages not just on your site but in Google in general.

So, the way you apply the hack is first you are going to need a tool like Ahrefs or Semrush. I mean if you are actively doing SEO you should have one or the other already. My favorite tool for this method is Ahrefs and this is my exact process -

Step 1 -

Put your URL in Ahref and change the dropdown to "Exact URL". I am using a demo page that ranks for in Google for "How to gain muscle"

[Image: IVAbo4L.png]

Step 2 -

Click on "Organic Keywords" on the left under organic search and then click on Volume to sort for highest to lowest. The reason you wanna do this because you have put a lot of work and time to rank that page and its time to reap the rewards big time for the big search keywords.

[Image: duUwVKz.png]

Step 3 -

Since you know what topics you covered in your article once you look at this data you can see what keywords are not covered in your article yet your article ranks for a certain keyword. For example in the article I chose I can see that it ranks #21 for "how do muscles grow" but it's not mentioned in the article anywhere!

[Image: cBnSz96.png]


[Image: HxcX7El.png]

Step 4 -

If this was your site all you have to do is go in, add another 500 words in there on "How do muscles grow" and boom 1st page in Google guaranteed!

Do you realize how powerful the re-return method is? You can and should do this for any and every page on your site that has authority!

Conclusion -

It's a very powerful method that has generated some amazing results for me!

How amazing? The result from a content addition I did on one of my sites a couple of weeks ago - 


201k search keyword jumping between first and second page. It should stabilize on the first page soon. That's all for now and like I always say don't just read about it, make sure you TAKE ACTION!


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